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Lacrosse Lace


Championships are won on the wall, in the yard, and in the gym. Build functional speed & power without sacrificing form using the newest competitive advantage. The Lacrosse Lace is the perfect fit for players of all ages. LaceUp around the top of the stick or around the wrists to...


Lacrosse Training Weights



Laceup the top of your stick for:

  • Increased shot speed.
  • Improved passing accuracy and power.
  • Enhanced ball handling and control.
  • Harder, more accurate stick checks.

Laceup below each glove for:

  • Quicker hands.
  • Improved reaction time.
  • Increased overall strength.


Light. Athletic. Competitive. Equipment. The L.A.C.E. is the only training tool purpose built to maximize every movement. The pliable weight is encased in a comfortable and durable foam to be worn around the wrists and ankles or attached to sport-specific equipment.

Field Tested. Pro Approved.

Tewaaraton finalist, Princeton University all-time leading scorer, and Professional Lacrosse League star Michael Sowers says the Lacrosse Lace is the competitive advantage he needs to take his game to the next level.