Frequently asked questions

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LaceUp are versatile wearable wrist and / or ankle weights, designed to enhance your movement. They are designed for easy on and easy off. LaceUp fitness weights add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout – scientifically proven to increase heart rate, burn fat, and build muscle.

Traditional dumbbells limit your range of motion, prevent you from using your hands, and interrupt your workout each time you pick them up or put them down. Not so with LaceUp! With LaceUp you can focus on your activity hands-free.

Enhance your jog or morning walk. Build strength while doing daily household chores. Wear them while exercising or doing Yoga. LaceUp wearable weights are a great add-on during Barre or weightlifting. 

Perform better while shadow boxing, practicing for Mixed Martial Arts, or working out in the gym. 

LaceUp is designed to amp up your workout or your daily chores. If you’re just getting started or wish to use them primarily for recreational activities, we recommend the 12 oz. LaceUp Wearable Weights. If you’re active athlete, we recommend the 16 oz. Fitness Weights.

No, LaceUp wearable weights were created to build strength without sacrificing form.  LaceUp adds the perfect amount of resistance so you can perform your normal skills, build strength and power and improve form by increasing the bodies proprioceptors and kinesthetic awareness.

Hold one end of the LaceUp weights with one hand and simply wrap around your wrist or ankle with the other hand. After using them for a few weeks, you would be putting them on without even thinking about it. Click here to see a video demonstration.

The secret is LaceUp’s specially designed weighted core. The core is enclosed in a foam sleeve, absorbing the vibration at the time of contact and ensuring that the LaceUp won’t move while in use. It is safe on your skin, certified non-toxic, and you won’t experience any chafing.

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