5, 8, & 12 oz Training Lace 3-pack

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Introducing our 3-Pack Training Laces - the BEST value yet! This pack includes a 5 oz Training Lace, an 8 oz Training Lace, and a 12 oz Training Lace, for over 30% in savings - No excuses. #LaceUp!

Training Lace's proven technology will allow you to:

  • Significantly increase shot speed and accuracy
  • Make harder, more accurate passes
  • Develop stronger, quicker, and softer hands
  • Defenders build harder more precise checks
  • Promotes faster reaction time for Goalies

Simply bend the flexible Training Lace around any size lacrosse stick.

  1. Start by wrapping a 5, 8, or 12 oz Training Lace around any size shaft, and incorporate it seamlessly into your practice or training session to obtain maximum results.
  2. Depending on what position and what skill you are training, the 3 available weights will enable you to achieve maximum results.
  3. See instant results in the power and accuracy of your shots and passes, plus improved overall muscular strength and endurance.